Consuelo Cassotti, RPP & RPE

Life Coach

 Registered Polarity Practitioner and Educator


Master Reiki & Karuna

Balancing Energy & Awakening the Soul

Spontaneous Remission

Trauma Release


Voice of Autistic Children


Cell 847 363 5356



·                    Spiritual Healer and Channeling


·                    Autistic Whisperer 

Facilitator for children with autism ADD/ADHD or spectrum related disorder  



Consuelo’s work is a unique combination of intuitive coaching and gentle energy techniques that remove energy blockages and old emotional patterns. In Italy and the USA, she has studied various healing methodologies that she uses intuitively during her sessions and her teaching.  She is a Karuna and Reiki Master, Registered Polarity Practitioner and Educator.  She is also experienced in Therapeutic Touch, Kriya Essences’ Method, Life Coach, Signature Cell Healing, BodyTalk System, Spontaneous Remission and Trauma Release.

Healing services offered:


Energy Balancing & Awakening the Soul

is a method that Consuelo has achieve through her own experiences and years of study. It is based on the extraction/synthesis of several holistic methods in  combination with her own verified techniques. The result of her work is  a session in which she opens a Portal    to Divine Energy. Then, without touching the physical body, she facilitates the Divine  Energy with the healing process. She is able to awaken the  Angelic Encoding and help one recognize their soul-path.

Energy Balancing and Awakening the Soul is the perfect session for anyone who is open to receiving “high” and fast energy work, and wants to understand their own soul-path.

During the session, one can release emotional blocks, stress and anxiety. Afterward, one may experience faster recovery, have a more focused, clear mind, feel more balanced and vital, or even go into spontaneous remission.

This is how it works. Consuelo  communicates with the client at the “soul level”, and they start to remember the reason they are here .... an awakening begins. They realize the possibility for success in this lifetime, and old patterns are dissolved. People start to have more self esteem, are calmer, and more positive and passionate about their lives.

Autistic Whisperer

“Balancing Energy & Awakening the Soul” permits Consuelo to reach into  the soul level of the child and communicate.  She is obtaining wonderful results with children from divorced parents, teen-agers and children who have autism, ADHD, or learning difficulties, from the start of the first session. The secret lies in the fact  that they don’t need to be “fixed”, but only need some specific help to adjust to this 3D reality, and release trapped emotions.

Trauma Release

Everyone carries trauma in his/her mental, physical and emotional bodies.

Each person experiences and holds their trauma in their own personal way.

This new treatment is for anyone who wants to eliminate life’s trauma, no matter how big or small it is.

Trauma Release is a unique way to remove the memory of any trauma that affects your life.

You don’t need to have a career in the armed forces, health care, police or fire dept. to hold trauma. Little emotions combined with stress can make you feel ‘stuck’ and ‘stressed out’.

Because of the many kinds of trauma we have experienced, we carry them deep in the layers of our bodies. We go into overload because we never learn how to release our trauma.  Our body begins to suffer from this weight - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Added to our everyday stress, we begin to think that there isn’t a way to escape.

Remember, the pain in your physical body is just a signal, telling you that something is wrong.

This session isn’t  counseling or psychotherapy.

You don’t verbalize your trauma. It is private and personal to you. 

Using this technique, your sub-conscious knows what you are ready to release.