Jessica Trickett, MSSA, RMT, SC
Spiritual Guidance and Healing



Jessica is a Spiritual Teacher, Metaphysical Counselor, and Healer. With a unique synthesis of spiritual wisdom, therapeutic knowledge, and healing/energetic mastery, she offers her teachings and services to awaken, uplift, and empower others to embrace their intrinsic limitless potential.
Jessica is committed to the global upliftment of humanity through the path of omnipresent love.


Jessica holds a master's degree from Case Western Reserve University and has served in a variety of clinical settings as a professional licensed counselor.
She has a variety of certifications in the healing modalities, including Karuna and Usui Reiki and Multi-Dimensional Healing Master Teacher. In addition, she holds two spiritual ordinations.
She has been teaching, healing, and providing sessions for 12 years.


Jessica offers several services to support you on your path. Through Metaphysical Counseling, Transformational Coaching, Meditation Instruction, and Healing sessions, she will guide you and connect you to your true self. She will help you to chart the course to your highest potential and your most fulfilling life. That which is free, joyful, loving, peaceful, and easy.


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(614) 407-3873